The University of Michigan Chromatin Club is dedicated to understanding chromatin dynamics in development and disease.


To promote cutting-edge technologies to interrogate epigenetic and proteomic changes at the single cell and single locus resolution.

The enabling technology will facilitate the elucidation of fundamental mechanisms of cell heterogeneity that offers translational potential for interrogating rare cell populations.


Upcoming Monthly Seminar (2021-2022)

2021. 9. 13 (Mon): 

  • Faculty Talk: Shigeki Iwase (Human Genetics)  “TBA”
  • Trainee Talk: Liz Fogarty (Buttita lab) “Investigating the Roles of Chromatin Regulation in Cell Cycle Exit”

2021. 10. 11 (Mon): 

  • Faculty Talk: Anupam Chakraborthy (MCDB)
  • Trainee Talk: Lindsay Moritz (Hammoud lab)

2021. 11.8 (Mon): 

  • Faculty Talk: Kristin Koutmou (Chemistry)
  • Trainee Talk: Arvind Ramakrishnan (Cadigan lab)

2021. 12. 6 (Mon): 

  • Faculty Talk: Shyamal Mosalaganti (CDB-LSI)
  • Trainee Talk: Ajay Larkin (Ragunathan lab)

Featured News

Speaker: Sriram Venneti (Learn more about his laboratory here)

Location: Buhl Building Rm 5915

 In our Biosciences Initiative Exploratory Funding (BIEF) proposal, we propose to develop, import, and distribute to the University of Michigan research community reagents and technologies that will enable single-cell and locus-specific chromatin proteomics. This capability will permit the elucidation of fundamental mechanisms underlying cell- and locus-specific transcriptional heterogeneities both during normal development and in disease.


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